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Lesbian Cyber Sex

2014-06-14 18:22:34 by ANTI-SPAMGUN
Thanks to OldManCricky for the V/O! A story from the internet narrated and animated. 

99 Voodoo Problems

I put a better song in.

New songs

2010-03-04 18:40:52 by ANTI-SPAMGUN

Couple new songs up over the past few weeks plus a new one today.

Check the MySpace too.


2009-11-28 11:36:54 by ANTI-SPAMGUN


Current/Future songs

2009-04-04 17:24:18 by ANTI-SPAMGUN

Hello all, quick note, there's a video i uploaded on to youtube for Abby's second song, go check it. ok5A&feature=channel_page

Anyway, the last few songs i uploaded have taken a lot of time and such so there wont be any new songs for, maybe a few weeks at most. As i'm pretty much out of ideas.

For those who don't know, most of my songs are almost all guitar, that's because i play guitar, and i'm getting better. Expect more/bigger/better solos as time progresses.

I'm also looking for people to sing for anything i've recorded. Doesn't matter what you sing about, as long as it fits and sounds good.

Well im off to play with my new LG dare. C yaz

Best Tracks Ever

2008-10-26 21:57:24 by ANTI-SPAMGUN

Any one who listens to my music seems to really enjoy the ASG bass, and flash-back

currently, Bass is #5 on the techno thing, pretty good.
and Flash-back is high up on the general rock thing too.

I'm kinda excited that my work might make it to the best tracks ever list, but at the same time I don't want it to happen.

As soon as it shows up on there a giant wave of nubs show up and click 0 as much as they can while leaving a low ranked comment.

This music is in the hands of you guys, if it makes the list, battle the nubs to the death.

Anyway, i'm working on getting an adapter to plug my guitar into my sound card and record some stuff. I'm also looking at buying a distortion pedal. And finally, if i do get an adapter, I can record some stuff, give it to my band mate, let him record something, put in some drums loops my drummer could play and stick it on here.

Not sure about words and lyrics though. I'm not one to spend $40 on a mic, i cant sing anyway

C yaz